Grass Cutting for Lautoka & Nadi Areas

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Grass Cutting for Lautoka & Nadi Areas

Postby Vuanimasei on Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:38 pm

If you live overseas and own a house in Lautoka or Nadi, or would like to take care of your relatives grass cutting needs,this is good news for you. :D

Viti Landscaping can be the caretaker of your lawn.

From a small yard to a big one, they can tackle it all, with a reasonable price.

From a standard lawn they charge F$10.00. and more for a bigger lawn.

You don't have to pay them everytime they do the job, in fact they can bill you monthly.

Your worries of having a well kept lawn will soon be over !! :lol:

Suprise your relative in Fiji by giving them a treat at a cost you can very well afford.

For more information e-mail me at or call the US @(650) 630-6993
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